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Jaxon Atkins
Roofing Claims Simplified

With over 10 years industry experience working for insurance companies and customers, and winning thousands of claims, I have learned that no insurance adjuster wants to deny a roof claim, they simply want a contractor to know what storm damage is, and how their internal processes work.

Thats the difference I provide. I know the insurance industry and have a 98% claims success rate over the last 5 years.

With that being said, Welcome!

Lets start with getting to know your name and zip code

This will help us get to know you better!
Looks like your area has had some recent hurricane, wind and hail activity

Have you noticed any exterior damages?
Now take a minute and walk through your house to look at your ceilings

Do you noticed any interior damages?
Now that we have established what you have going on

How can we Help?
All we have left is your contact details

We use this to set up your free roof consultation?